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Team Bio

Brad Cobb: Brad (a.k.a. Crash) loves to go to races and suffer as much pain as possible. He has been known to ride with a broken back, a broken nose and his latest achievement was finishing a 100 miler with a broken toe. His only claim to fame now is his sub nine hour (8:45) finish at the world famous Leadville 100 Race Across the Sky. He claims that Lance inspired him to finish with this time although we all know he just got lucky. He tends to train by himself these days because he says he needs to go at his own pace; however, we all know he has no social skills and rarely takes showers. He competed in Shenandoah, Leadville, Oramm, Mohican and the Pisgah stage race with decent finishes in each. His goal this year is to not break any bones will riding (Which he probably won't achieve).

Jamie Dinkins: Growing up in an active family, with two competitive brothers, Jamie has always enjoyed pushing herself to new limits and exploring the outdoors. Recruited to the University of Tennessee Chattanooga on D1 Cross-Country running scholarship, Jamie was introduced to life on two wheels when repeated stress fractures halted her running career. Dinkins quickly fell in love with the bike and the remote, peaceful areas that riding lead her to. Jamie's quick ascension through the sport has taken her around the country and the world. A top 20 finisher at the Mountain Bike World Championships and repeated podium appearances at the collegiate national championships have made Dinkins one of the most exciting young, female talents in the country. Attending UGA for her masters in Forestry/Ecology, Dinkins has a keen eye for the natural world around her. A ride into the woods with Jamie is sure to contain a lesson about the surrounding trees/plants, and often end up with the phrase "Jamie, where are we?!".

Jamey Hurst:

John Hoover: Off road racing experience started on motorcycles. After many years of that he decided to change over to cross country mountain bike racing. His rough motorcycle style of riding has broken eight bike frames. Earned the nickname "bicycle murderer" and then later "The Destructor". He has raced in the expert class for eight years. Won the Georgia State Championship in 2007. Placed third in the South East Regional Championship Series in 2007 and 2008. Claims to own Mountain road in Soddy Daisy since he does so many repeats on it in the winter time. Lifts weights in the winter and likes to climb mountains the next day. Trains with PVK, Lance Steel, Will Scrugs and Sick Rick. Currently racing the SERC series. His son has been racing since age three, he should be Pro by age 7.

Justin Mace:

Robin Oscar: Robin (aka "Sprocket") has been riding competitively for 10 years. A practicing Anesthesiologist, he balances a busy career passing gas, juggling family responsibilities and racing bicycles. His past racing sucesses range from a 2006 Tennessee State Championship in the Time Trial to more recent podium finishes on the mountain bike. His current racing efforts are focused on off road ultraendurance events with an emphasis on the singlespeed. Like his team captain, Robin has a perverse need to live in the "pain cave". This has supported the college funds of several local orthopedists over the years. It has also resulted in numerous scars, including a set of puncture wounds on his back from a fellow cyclist's chainring; hence the nickname: "Sprocket".

Jamey Pillsbury:

Brenda Simril: As a true endurance race addict, if someone will fire a gun and say "Go!" Brenda will do the race. Brenda has raced mountain and road bikes, triathlon, running, etc for the last 20 years. Brenda's claim to fame is being part of the 2002 USARA 24hr National Championship Team and representing TEAM USA in 6 different World Triathlon and Duathlon Championships. She is looking forward to participating (and suffering) in 6 of the 8 NUE 100-mile mountain bike series this year after a 4th place overall finish in the 2009 NUE series. Brenda's nickname is The Brender and she loves more than anything to torture her husband with ridiculously long bike rides.

Lee Simril: Lee used to enjoy tricking his friends into 2 hour bike rides that last for 4 hours until he meet his wife, who actually loves 2 hour bike rides that last for 4 hours. Lee's claim to fame is being part of the 2002 USARA 24hr National Championship Team and representing TEAM USA in Triathlon and Duathlon World Championships in Hamburg, Germany and Rimini, Italy. He is also looking forward to racing the 6 NUE 100-mile races this year in Tennessee, Ohio, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Virginia. Lee's nick name is "and lee", as in "Jay, Dan, Brenda...and lee."

Tab Tollett: Tab has been riding and racing bikes in the scenic city for 15 years. It all started with a passion for road racing, century and weekend group rides, short hair and shaved legs. Tab was a workhorse for a local masters team helping the team to compete in several road and stages races including the Sea Otter Classic, The Edgar Soto Stage Race and dozens more. Tab was not much of a crit rider often saying "skin takes to long to grow back these days". The pinnacle of his road racing career was becoming the 2006 Masters State Champion. Those were indeed good times! Once the money and fame had faded, he was getting a bit antsy and uptight as a roadie. The recovery drinks at the finish line were just not enough. Brad Cobb suggested he forgo the road bike and do something different like the Leadville 100. Tab took him up on his challenge and they trained together many hours for weeks. "I was immediately addicted to the mountain bike" Tab said in a recent interview. (He obviously has set his sights preety low if Brad was his goal) Then the big day had arrived and in 2008, the fame and glory once again shone upon "Tabollini" as he kicked the crap out of his team mate Brad Cobb at that years Leadville 100. Put a solid 11 minutes on him! Good times were back again! Well until the 09 Leadville...Tabs hair is a little longer now, legs are not quite as smooth and a good micro brew has replaced the roadie recovery drinks after races. Tab recently competed in the 2009 Leadville 100, Snake Gap TT, Cohutta 100 and several other races on his beloved single speed and plans to use gears again when he gets old.

Paul Van Kooten: Paul (a.k.a. PVK) loves almost anytime of racing involving bikes, including triathlons and xtrra. Also starting riding with visually impaired people. Helped be one of the pilots on a tandem bike for a young lady "Sam" to ride from Chattanooga to Memphis. It was so rewarding I bought a tandem and when I have time participate with riding visually impaired people on Monday's at the River Park. Like most of my teammate's I'm pretty fanatical about my training program. Usually set pretty high goals to push my training a little more. My saying is "Someone has to keep the young ones honest". I have been fortunate enough to have placed well in multitude of biking events. Mtn. bike; XC, 6 hr. 12 hr. and 24 hrs races, cyclocross (recently won the TBRA state jersey), road racing (finished 4th in 2009 at the national championship race). Also finish top 5 consistently in my age in extrra and triathlons (Olympic distance). My greatest satisfaction is getting strong as I get older (thanks to John Hoover sharing training drills with me), love to beat people 10 - 20 years younger than me. It's Hammer time

Mike Viertel: