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Welcome to Motor Mile Racing

Motor Mile Racing team focuses on ultra-distance and cross country mountain bike racing and cyclocross racing around the country. The team competes in the NUE Series, several Leadville races, the SERC Series, the 2010 Reto de los Volcanes, and most local races (road and mountain). The sponsored team members are Lee and Brenda Simril, Jamie Dinkins, Tab Tollett, Mike Viertel, Jamie Pillsbury, Jamey Hurst, John Hoover, Paul VanKooten, Robin Oscar, Justin Mace, and Brad Cobb.

We would also like to thank Ryan Allen from Pointe General who builds a great building, Donnie Hutcherson from Henderson, Hutcherson, and McCullough who is one of the best bean counters out there, Ricky Park from UBS Financial Services who will make you more money than you know what to do with, John Ramsey with Smart Wool for his support of our race team with his wonderful products, Dawson Wheeler (and his team) over at Rock Creek for his support and his awesome store (and his total support for the Chattanooga outdoors) and Alexis Bogo from Chattem whose company supports about every worthwhile cause in the area. All these sponsors are awesome, and our team is thankful for their support, so please make sure and support these guys as they do a lot for our sport!!!!!