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Justin on the podium @ Black Bear 09
Hoover getting on it at BB 09
Justin coming across the Ocoee at BB 09
Ricky Park setting the pace at BB 09
Lee at BB 09
Justin on the roll out at BB 09
Brad @ Cohutta 2010 trying to stay alive
The Bloody Bike from Pisgah 2009
Tab and Brad @ Snake Gap 2010
Ricky too tired to take his helmet off at SG 10
Brad looking like a dork at SG 10
Justin and Mingus hanging out at SG 10
Justin rehydrating at SG 10
Brad sneaks on the podium at SG 10
The Crew at SG 10
Tab and Brad play in the mud at Cohutta 08
Brad at some race upright (surprise)
Brenda on the podium - as usual
Lee and Brenda win the team @ Los Volcanes 2010
Lee and Brenda setting the pace at LV 10
Lee and Brenda , Day 2, LV 10
Lee and Brenda, Day 1, LV 10
Hoover winning a SERC race in Alabama 10
Brad?s 8:45 finish at Leadville. AMEN.
Brad and his mom at Leadville 09
Cobb at Tanasi 2010...Get a hair cut!!
Hoover at Tanasi ripping it up
Hoover and Brad stratigizing on how not to come in last
PVK, Hoover and Cobb at Tanasi wondering if its going to rain
Brad claims thrid place at Tsali 2010
Brad in a trance after Mohican (or dead...his usual post race feelings)
Brenda after 10 plus hours at Mohican...happy as usual....damn her
Lee after 10 hours at Mohican....not sure what he is doing
The Three Finishing Amigos of 100 Miles at Mohican...SUCCESS
Brad at Mohican 2010...it's amazing what you have to do to get a free beer
Check out all the mud on Brad's neck......I don't see any mud
Lee clean and looking good at the start of the Mohican 100 2010
Brad 3 miles into the Mohican 100 and he already looks worn out
Lee making a turn at Mohican...stud
Brenda making her move into fourth overall (ok..it was only 3 miles into it...but she looks determined)
Tab...3 miles into the Mohican has already decided to do the 100k....wimp
How did Jamey get so muddy riding all the roads in Ohio????
Brad takes second at ORAMM 2010 in 100 degree heat...all for a cold beer
Brad at Black Bear 2010 needing a hair cut
Brad at BB after seeing a ghost...or maybe after working too hard
Justin slides across the finish line looking fresh.....not
Look at Robert go....what a stud