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Mike Viertel 12 Hours of Santos 2nd SS and 9th overall
Snake Gap 3rd SS

Jamie Pillsbury 12 Hours of Santos 3rd SS and 10th overall

Jamey Hurst Winterblast 2nd Sport

PVK Columbia Cyclorcross Series # 1 1st Master 45+
Crossanooga Series #2 1st Master 45+; Columbia Cyclocross Series #3 1st Master 45+
Cross The Way # 8 1st Master 45+; Tennessee State Cyclorcross Championship 1st Masters 45+
Won the TBRA State Jersey ; Chickasaw Trace XC 1st Masters 50+

Tanasi SERC XC 1st Masters 45+ ; White Lightening XC 1st Masters 45+

Brad Cobb Winterblast 1st Male Expert
Snake Gap 1st January Race, 1st Feburary Race , 1st March Race Male 40
Snake Gap 2nd overall for all males , 3 State 3 Mountain 2nd Place; Tanasi SERC Expert 1 5th

12 hours of Tsali-6 hour race 3rd overall

Lee Simril Co-ed Team Reto de Los Volcanes 1st place (won all three stages)
Snake Gap 3rd Jan, 3rd Feb, 4th Mar Male 40+
Snake Gap 6th overall for all males

Brenda Simril Co-ed Team Reto de Los Volcanes 1st place (won all three stages)
Southern Cross Dahlonega 2nd

Robin Oscar Cohutta 65 SS 2nd Male; Dirt, Sweat and Gears 12hr: 4 x Team Single Speed - 1st (3d overall team)

John Hoover SERC #1 FL 9th Place. Broken frame
SERC#2 TN 2nd Place
SERC#3 NC (also US CUP) 6th out of 23
SERC#4 GA (also GA series and US Cup) 6th out of 22. SERC # 5 AL 1st

12 Hours of Tsali-12 hour Team 2nd overall

Tab Tollett Snake #1- won! First place SS
#2-3rd SS
#3-6th SS
Cross races first race-3rd
Second race-4th SS
Winter blast-2nd SS